Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Backseat Reading

While putting together my baby registry, and many times since then, my mother could be heard chorusing the refrain "its a miracle you all survived." From debates over whether to put bumpers in the crib, discussions considering the merits of swaddling blankets versus sleep sacks, or searching for bottles that are BPA free, it is clear that there are significantly more rules, regulations and guidelines governing child rearing today.

And, none are more apparent than those concerning automobile safety. Seat belts, monstrous car seats and boosters alone have made car pooling a logistical nightmare. A few short years ago (cough, cough) we would load our cars with whoever fit in, and then some. There were lap sitters, hump sitters, and sometimes double-decker lap sitters. My siblings and I would spend our frequent car trips stretched out in the "way back" of our family station wagon. Lying among the suitcases, I would pass the 2 hour car rides with a copy of "Archie" in one hand and a "Mad Magazine" in the other. Even my frequent bouts of violent car sickness didn't put a damper on these trips.

Today my daughters ride securely strapped into their car seats instead of sprawled comfortably. However, I still strive to take advantage of time spent in the car running errands, commuting, and visiting family to sneak in a little extra reading time. My 6 CD changer holds a variety of audio books and the pockets of the back seats are filled with worn copies of our favorite stories. Currently its "Clifford", "Crazy Hair Day" and  "Tikki Tikki Tembo." Maybe in a few years our collection will also include the latest "Archie" or "Mad Magazine."

Thank goodness my daughters don't seem to be prone to the same bouts of motion sickness their mother was!


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