Friday, April 29, 2011

5 Great Picture Books To Inspire Little Gardeners

Spring has sprung, and a season of warm weather, outdoor activities, and fresh produce is upon us. For many, weekends are now devoted to the garden: raking, weeding, planting and pruning in hopes of a bumper crop of tomatoes, cucumbers and squash. For others, Saturdays and Sundays are a time to browse local farmers markets or gambol in city parks filled with blooming cherry trees and dogwoods. For everyone, Spring is the perfect time to introduce young children to the wonders of nature and the delights of gardening. Enjoy this list of 5 great picture books to share with your budding gardener.

    One day, while exploring his dreary town, a little boy makes the amazing discovery of an abandoned railway. With a bit of patience, some ingenuity, and a lot of hard work, Liam transforms the unsightly railway (and the town) into something special.

  • THE GARDENER, Sarah Stewart
    During the Depression, Lydia Grace is sent to the city to live with her Uncle Jim. Far from her beloved gardens, she spends her time helping in the bakery, working on her "secret place," and trying to get her uncle to smile. Will her big surprise finally result in that coveted smile?
  • MISS RUMPHIUS, Barbara Cooney
  • Encouraged by a promise to her grandfather to "make the world a better place," Alice walks fields, highways and country lanes with pockets full of seeds. Is she really a "Crazy Old Lady" as some people think? Or, does she have a plan to make good on her promise?
    • MY GARDEN, Kevin Henkes
      A little girl dreams of a garden with chocolate rabbits running wild, tomatoes as big as beach balls, and flowers that grow back again as soon as they are picked. What would your dream garden look like?
    • THE TINY SEED, Eric Carle
      Prolific children's book author, Eric Carle, follows a tiny seed on it's journey through the four seasons. Follow along as it narrowly escapes the dangers of the hot sun, unmelting ice, and the dry desert. Watch from safety as the tiny seed avoids mice, birds and playing children to grow into a giant flower. What do you think will happen when Autumn returns?

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