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Baby Books: What to Look For During The First 12 Months

Elementary reading specialists and co-authors of Baby Read-Aloud Basics, Caroline J. Blakemore and Barbara Weston Ramirez, have studied the language and physical development of babies up to two years of age, and through their research have identified a number of read-aloud stages and the types of books best suited for each stage.

STAGE 1: THE LISTENER (birth - 2 months)
  • Books with rhymes
  • Books read aloud before baby was born
  • Your favorite children's books
  • Board books with black-and-white patterns
  • Any reading matter of interest to you
*(Blakemore and Ramirez, p.53)

Examples include:
  • Tomie's Little Mother Goose, by Tomie dePaola. A great collection of over 24 wonderful rhymes and verses that have been childhood favorites for generations.
  • Black & White, by Tana Hoban. An accordion style fold out book featuring graphic black and white designs on contrasting backgrounds. Featured everyday items are a perfect conversation starter for the very young.

STAGE 2: THE OBSERVER (2-4 months)

  • Wordless picture books
  • Rhyming and song books
  • Board books with contrasting primary colors or bold black-and-white designs
  • Soft cloth books
  • Books that can be chanted with rhythm
*(Blakemore and Ramirez, p.70)

Examples include:
  • Let's Play!, by Michale Blake. Beautiful black and white photographs with everyday objects highlighted in contrasting primary colors. A fun introduction to common play items.
  • Fuzzy Bee and Friends, by Roger Priddy. Develop sensory awareness with this adorable cloth book full of textured fabrics, bright colors and rhyming text.

STAGE 3: THE COOER (4-8 months)
  • Homemade books with faces of family members and friends or pets
  • Mini board books that baby can easily hold and turn the pages
  • Rhyming books
  • Books with words and pictures about routines such as bathing, eating and sleeping
  • Old books or magazines that the baby can hold, manipulate, and tear
  • Touch-and-feel books that stimulate senses
  • Large books with colorful pictures and sturdy pages
  • Plastic or cloth books that can be used in the bathtub or put in mouth (teething books)
  • Books that label objects, toys, or parts of the body
  • Books with illustrations well matched to the text
*(Blakemore and Ramirez, p.87)

Examples include:
  • Farm: Touch and Feel, Dorling Kindersley Publishing. Little hands explore the textures of favorite farm animals. A fun sensory experience.
  • Baby Faces, by Margaret Miller. A great substitute for homemade books with faces, this board book features spectacularly photographs of demonstrative baby faces. Each photograph clearly illustrates the accompanying text.
  • Where is Baby's Belly Button?, by Karen Katz. An adorable lift-the-flap book focused on parts of the body.
  • Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You?, by Dr. Seuss. Sounds come alive in this brightly illustrated, lively mini board book from one of our most cherished children's authors.

STAGE 4: THE BABBLER (8-12 months)
  • Books with accompanying CDs and tapes by artists such as Raffi, with favorite children's songs like "The Wheels on the Bus" and "Old McDonald Had a Farm" and many other favorites that have repetitive choruses.
  • Homemade books about baby's first birthday or other experiences
  • Rhyming books
  • Books that label objects, toys or parts of the body
  • Books reflecting baby's daily experiences, such as animals at the zoo, construction site vehicles, or shopping with parents
  • Speciality books with different shapes, textures, and sizes, with mirrors or noise buttons
  • Books exploring space and time concepts, such as inside, under, after, and next
  • Books illustrating action words, such as running, jumping, or sliding
  • Books that encourage children to chime in and repeat a word or phrase
*(Blakemore and Ramirez, p.103)

Examples include:
  • Wheels on the Bus, by Raffi. Rhythm, rhyme and repetition unite in this version of a favorite childrens' song. Even very young children will love singing along to its repetitive chorus and joining in with accompanying hand motions.
  • Yummy, Yucky, by Leslie Patricelli. Children will love repeating "yummy" and "yucky" in response to a spirited toddlers antics- spaghetti is yummy, but worms are most definitely yucky!

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** Read aloud stages and suggestions on the types of books to read at each stage are from the following source:

Blakemore, Caroline J., and Barbara Weston Ramirez. Baby Read-Aloud Basics. New York, 2006.


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